Tips for Entering

Plan ahead. Draft an outline of what you want to get across before you start writing and plan content for each of the questions.  Please ensure you stick to the word count guidance given.

Create a story. The judges may be reading a lot of entries, so it’s important you make it easy for them to read.  Create a compelling narrative in your responses, with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Answer the questions. Each question will be scored to allow the judges to compare entries.  Don’t miss out questions and make sure you are answering each question as clearly and concisely as possible.

Choose support materials carefully. There is so much temptation to upload everything. Don’t do it! Choose the best and most evocative stats, videos, images and testimonials to support your case.  Please note a maximum of one page A4 attachment of supporting material is permitted and this should include only the essential information.

Results.   Make sure you tell the judges about the projects results.  They want to know your objectives (what you set out to do) and the results (how successful the project was). Inserting run charts, quotes and testimonials will support your narrative and are a good way to tell your story.

Check it.  Proof read your entry and get someone else, who doesn’t know your project, to read it through and see if they understand it.

Submit on time! Make sure your get your entry in by the deadline. (5pm on Friday 26 July 2019)  If you have any difficulties, please speak to the Awards team.  Call Louise on 0131 466 7199  who will be happy to help.

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